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A new approach to supporting clients

CSO Team
Alicia Capacity Building Manager

By Alicia Thomas

Capacity Building Manager


Early Links has an amazing team of support workers and mentors who work closely with our clients to ensure their support needs are being met. Support is provided at home, in the community, at schools and early childhood centres, or for employment support.

To ensure our clients get the highest level of support, we have developed a new team – Core Support Officers (CSOs).

Introducing the new team

The new CSO team will reach out to all clients who have support workers with us or have expressed interest in our services. The CSO team will meet you and your family to discuss your goals and how you would like your support to look. They will then regularly check in to follow up on how these goals are going and see if any changes or new goals need to be included.

Providing better support

Part of their role will be working with you to develop a support plan to be followed by your support worker or mentor. This plan will be a detailed outline of what support will be provided throughout the week. You and your CSO may also organise meetings with your support work team, and any other support people involved, to ensure consistency and collaboration around goals.

How can your CSO help?

You can work with your CSO to get the most out of your core funding. They can help you review the plan goals you are working on with your support team, and document future supports you have decided on for you to take to your NDIS plan review meeting.

The CSO team looks forward to assisting you in maximising the quality of your supports and fully engaging with your support team.

Find out more

Please use the form below to get in touch and learn more about the CSO team and how they can help you.

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