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Compliments, Complaints and Feedback

We value your opinion

Have you or someone you care for used our services or interacted with Early Links in some other way? If so, we would love your honest feedback about your experience.

Were you satisfied by what we did or how we treated you? Do you believe we could have done better? Please use the options below to share your feedback with us.

How can I share feedback or lodge a complaint?

Online form

Please complete the online form


Please email qualityandsafeguards@earlylinks.org.au


Please call us on 02 4934 3773


Please send us a letter to Early Links, 44 Bulwer Street, Maitland, NSW 2320

Why share my feedback?

Receiving feedback from you is invaluable in helping us improve the way we support people in our community. This information also lets us check we are providing a service that meets our philosophy and values.

What happens when I lodge a complaint?

When we receive a complaint, we will provide an acknowledgement email or letter within two business days to confirm that it has been received. A designated person from the organisation will contact you to try and resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently during the resolution process.

If your complaint is of a complex matter, we will keep you updated during each step of the process. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will discuss other options and if needed work with you to contact external organisations who may be able to assist.

Can my complaint or feedback be anonymous?

Yes. Anonymous complaints are still listed in our complaints register and reviewed by designated person. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we won’t be able to respond to your concerns or inform you of the outcome of the complaint.