Early Links Playgroup

Learning Through Play

Playgroup allows children to learn and grow in a fun and safe environment. Parents can build friendships and receive support when needed.


Maitland Presbyterian Church, Free Church Street, Maitland.


Thursday mornings

9.15 am – 11.15 am



General Info

Age Range: 0-6 years old

What to bring: Hats, water and morning tea

Playgroup Team

“I believe play-based learning is a key aspect in the development of young children. I’m honoured to be part of the Playgroup Team, as it allows me to facilitate this. Seeing the children develop and engage in the social and interactive environment we’ve created, makes me very happy.”

Joel Cottier

Allied Health Assistant

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With your help, the Big Yellow Bus can continue to provide a fun and safe environment for children to learn and grow.

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What is Early Links Playgroup?

Early Links Playgroup is a free, supported, and inclusive playgroup, held in Maitland on Thursdays. All children aged 6 or younger are welcome, with support provided for those with additional needs.

Playgroup offers a great mix of indoor and outdoor play, including pretend play, sensory experiences, art and craft, and messy play. We also have the Big Yellow Bus (brought to you by Whitehaven Coal), which is a converted school bus, complete with slides and flying fox!

When is Playgroup?

Early Links Playgroup is held on Thursday mornings from 9.15 till 11.15 am.

Where is Playgroup?

Playgroup is held at Maitland Presbyterian Church on Free Church Street.

What should I bring?

Please remember to bring along your own water and morning tea as these are not provided.

Playgroup Team

“We love seeing families connect with each other and children develop their confidence and social communication skills.”

Larissa Bisby

Speech Pathologist

“One of my favourite play quotes is ‘play is the brain’s favourite way of learning,’ by Dianne Ackerman and I feel that our playgroup encapsulates this perfectly!”

Amy Cashmore

Specialist Educator


Playgroup Activities Play Dough Recipe


Playdough is one of our favourite (and busiest) activities at playgroup. It is a brilliant sensory and fine motor tool that is ridiculously easy to make and SO much better than any store-bought versions. By making it yourself you know exactly what has gone into it and can also customise it in so many ways, such as adding colour, sparkles and even natural flavours or essential oils.  

Great activity for at home to cook together and then play together.  

Playgroup Activities Cloud Dough Recipe

Cloud Dough

Cloud Dough is super easy and inexpensive to make with only 2 ingredients and the kids (and parents) love it. It has a smooth texture, can be powdery or firm when pressed or moulded. It’s perfect for moulding, shaping, squeezing, pressing and sculpting into different shapes. Cloud dough provides a great hand-on sensory learning experience for children. It’s a great activity for you to try at home to cook together and then play together. 

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