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Melinda Heckrotte Grants & Sponsorship Officer

By Melinda Heckrotte

Grants & Sponsorship Officer


The events affecting the world today have presented challenges for us in continuing to provide support to our clients. This includes an increased need to support clients using telehealth. At Early Links, we had a vision to create telehealth hubs throughout the region to make quality telehealth services readily available.

Why is telehealth important?

Early Links has learned that face-to-face sessions between therapists and clients are not always practical or possible, but there is another way. The Early Links telehealth hubs will ensure therapists have access to the most up to date and effective equipment to continue to deliver quality services to clients using telehealth.

Who will benefit?

Quality connections and regularly scheduled services with clients will continue thanks to the Early Links telehealth hubs. Early Links also aims to increase the confidence of clients to engage in telehealth consultations through additional supports.
The development of the Early Links telehealth hubs means the number of clients reached will increase, reducing waitlists, and the geographic spread of services offered will grow. At Early Links, our mission is to support our community to become inclusive through collaboration, education and service delivery excellence. The more clients who can be reached, the more inclusive the world will become.

Teenaged Participant Enjoying Telehealth

Thank you to our grant funders

Early Links has received generous support to make the telehealth hubs possible. The Primary Health Network (PHN) has provided significant funding support for the creation of Maitland, Ashtonfield and Kurri Kurri telehealth hubs, and the Mazda Foundation has generously provided funding support for the Muswellbrook telehealth hub.
Without the support of PHN and the Mazda Foundation, Early Links would not be able to deliver such an essential asset to the community. Early Links thanks these organisations for their support!

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