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Helping Giaxon to ride

Steph Plan Manager

By Shanelle Pescud

Marketing & Communication Officer


Recently Nate, one of our physios, helped his client Giaxon get NDIS funding so that he could achieve his goal of riding a bike. After Nate watched Giaxon attempt to ride a conventional bike and saw his difficulty, Nate set up a trial for a modified bicycle with Freedom Wheels, who create custom bikes. Seeing the success Giaxon had from the trial, Nate wrote an Assistive Technology (AT) report and submitted his case to the NDIS, with the funding approved in Giaxon’s next plan.

How does this bike differ from any other bike?

This bike has many Assistive Technology (AT) features, such as a wide seat with a posterior lip to assist with sitting balance and posture during sitting. It also has outriggers to help with balance and provide additional support when turning, foot straps to assist with foot position on pedals, and a push handle to give support when riding on an incline.

What have you been working on together, and how has this helped?

Nate and Giaxon have been working on building his ability, confidence and endurance. They’ve also been working on road safety, turning at various speeds, how to accelerate and decelerate appropriately, and tolerances to physical activity.

In Giaxon’s recent session, Nate focussed on setting up coloured cones to improve endurance. For example, the red cone meant ‘stop’, and the blue cones were set up in a line so that Giaxon could swerve around them in a figure-8 motion to quicken his ‘S’ turns.

Nate helping Giaxon ride his bike

Nate and Giaxon

Giaxon’s progress so far

Nate has said that Giaxon has improved, and he can participate in an age-appropriate activity, bike riding. Nate has mentioned it has been meaningful to Giaxon as his chosen goal. Giaxon was unable to participate in bike riding with his younger brothers. Still, with a modified bike, he now has the opportunity to enjoy this with them, and it is an excellent way for him to get more active.

When asking Giaxon if he likes riding his new bike, he simply said, “yep,” and mentioned, “Nate makes it a lot of fun.”

When Nate asked Giaxon if he liked riding his bike with his brothers, he replied, “No. I like riding with you.”

As much as Nate found that comment sweet, he admitted that he hopes that Giaxon continues to enjoy riding with his brothers more.

Want to know more?

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