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Meet our Plan Manager, Steph

Steph Plan Manager

By Shanelle Pescud

Marketing & Communication Officer


Introducing Steph

Introducing our Plan Manager, Steph. We sat down with Steph and asked her a few questions about her plan management journey and any questions our future clients might have. Check it out below!

Why are you in plan management? 

I became a plan manager to help and support people. I have a solid understanding of NDIS through my personal experience of my son being supported with an NDIS plan. Through my own experience, I found the journey tough to navigate and hard to understand and noticed a gap between NDIS plan meetings and utilising the funding given. I wanted to be able to support people to navigate that and help NDIS not be a scary thing and support them to use their funding.

How can you help? 

Plan managers can support you to ensure maximum use of your NDIS. We make payments of your invoices and will notify you if your funding is getting low. We will supply you with monthly statements so you can track your budget, and we are also here to answer questions about what you can and can’t spend your funds on.

How can my NDIS funding be managed?

NDIS plans can be self-managed, agency-managed, and plan-managed. Plan-managed allows the best flexibility, as providers do not have to be registered with the NDIS for us to be able to use their services.

How can you help me get the most out of my funding? 

We can help by informing you of any under or over-utilisation of your plan. We ensure that what you’re being charged is the best price.

What is the difference between a plan manager and a support coordinator? 

The key difference is that plan managers help with the financial aspect, whereas a support coordinator helps to manage the supports needed and access providers.

How can you help me to reach my goals? 

I can help you to meet your goals by listening to you. Ultimately, it is your plan and funding, and I want to help you get the most out of it.

What should I look for when choosing a plan manager? 

A plan manager is someone you should be able to trust; after all, they are taking care of your NDIS allocation. A plan manager should be experienced, and should know and understand the NDIS and how tough and daunting it can be for families. They know how they can help you to navigate your NDIS journey.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about the support Steph and our Plan Management Team can provide here or get in touch using the form below.

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