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Meet the team - Fiona McBeath - Inclusion Support Teacher

Meet the team – Fiona McBeath

Meet Fiona, one of the Inclusion Support Teachers at Early Links and a member of our Senior Leadership Team. We talked to Fiona about her role at Early Links and what aspects of it she enjoys most.

What does being an Inclusion Support Teacher involve?

We’re a transdisciplinary team and we take a holistic approach to get the best outcome for our clients. As Inclusion Support Teachers, we’re often the key worker for the family and our aim is to provide therapy that’s woven into a child’s daily life. We also help parents build their capacity to support their child themselves. Our approach is very family centred, so we work with the whole family to improve their situation, instead of focusing solely on the child.

It’s common for us to act as advocates for families, to help them access services and support through government agencies like the NDIA. Dealing with government bodies can be quite daunting for some families, with all the regulations and paperwork it involves. We are here to support them access the support they deserve.

How long have you been with Early Links?

It must be about 5 years now. Before Early Links, I spent over 30 years in teaching. That included pre-school, infants primary and mobile pre-school. I started off in Sydney but later worked in rural communities like Balranald. Along the way I’ve worked in a wide range of teaching environments and with kids from all backgrounds.

What do you enjoy most about being an Inclusion Support Teacher?

That would have to be relationships. In my time here, I’ve built lasting relationships with many families and children and these are lasting bonds.

I also love working in an amazing and supportive team. I find that with so much experience and knowledge around you each day there’s always an answer.

Is there anything about inclusion support teaching that you wish more people knew?

As experts in child development and best practice, an Inclusion Support Teacher uses their knowledge to work holistically, supporting the child and family to work towards identified goals. We build relationships that enable opportunities for the family to best support their child’s needs.

Get in touch if you would like to find out more about the support that Fiona and our Inclusion Support Teachers provide.