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Meet the team - Grace Jolly - Speech Pathology

Meet the team – Grace Jolly

Meet Grace Jolly, our Senior Speech Pathologist at Early Links Inclusion Support Services. Grace is a member of our Senior Leadership Team and leads a team of fifteen Speech Pathologists and three Speech Pathology Assistants.

What does your role involve?

Grace’s role at Early Links currently involves supporting clients aged from six to twenty-three years of age with a wide range of conditions relating to social skills, phonological awareness, literacy skills, speech sounds and fluency. She also conducts autism diagnostic observation schedule assessments which can form part of autism diagnosis.

As well as supporting clients and leading her team, Grace is actively involved in Early Links organisational planning and strategy.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The aspect of her role that Grace enjoys most is the variety of her work and working alongside such a diverse team of experts. This allows a holistic approach to be taken to each case with team members with different specialities collaborating to identify the approach which will bring most benefit to the client.

What support does our Speech Pathology team offer?

We asked Grace if there was a way that she and her team can support clients which people may not know about. Grace said this would have to be literacy support as few people are fully aware of the many ways in which Speech Pathologists can support children and adults with literacy support needs. This is an issue faced by many and accessing the right support can open up a whole new world to them in their working and personal lives.

Who can benefit from literacy support?

This might include children who avoid reading, make wild guesses at pronunciation or are falling behind with their reading. In adults and older kids, difficulty in understanding or anxiety around reading may be experienced with a tendency to avoid paperwork.

If you are wondering if you or someone you know could benefit from the literacy support our Speech Pathology team provide, please get in touch to find out how we can help.