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Meet the team - Robyn Evans - Occupational Therapy

Meet the team – Robyn Evans – Occupational Therapist

What’s your role at Early Links and what does it involve?

Hi, I’m Robyn and I’m a new grad Occupational Therapist with Early Links.

My primary role is supporting families and clients in achieving their goals. I’m on the Cessnock team and have some clients in the West Maitland area too. I work with kids aged from around three to seventeen. Most of the work that I do is out in the community at schools or visiting homes.

How long have you been with Early Links?

I’ve been with the team since January 2020. I’ve worked in health ever since I left school. I was a dental assistant for 26 years before heading off to Uni and training as an OT. I felt that I’d done as much as I could in that one area and I was looking for something more satisfying and more rewarding work-wise and for something that was also going to help me have a better work-life balance as well.

What do you enjoy most about being an Occupational Therapist?

I enjoy working with children because I feel that you can really make an impact on a child’s development and a child’s life and their family as well. From an early age, you can help children achieve goals that can set them up for life and I find that really rewarding.

I love being part of a multidisciplinary team at Early Links because I’ve learned a lot from other practitioners on the team. Just liaising with the speech therapists, the physios and the psychologist helps you paint a better picture of the child’s circumstances and what you can do to help support them. I love that aspect of it. And I love the flexibility with Early Links, as it allows a good work-life balance.

What’s one way that Occupational Therapists can support clients that not many people are aware of?

I think one thing I notice a lot with kids is just showing them that you believe in them can help build their confidence. They then feel that they can believe in themselves and be able to the best that they can. We reassure them that its ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to find things hard but we just have to practice to get better.

How can someone identify that they could benefit from seeing an Occupational Therapist?

Speaking as an OT and as a parent, if you have any concerns about your child, that you’re not sure of just have a consultation. Just to see, if anything is happening that we might be able to support you with because acting early is better than leaving it.