Meet the team - Vicki Cottier - Coordination of Supports

Meet the team – Vicki Cottier

Meet Vicki, our Coordination of Supports (COS) Team Leader and Social Work Therapist. Vicki leads a team of four support coordinators at Early Links. We sat down with Vicki to have a chat about her role and what she enjoys most about it.

What does Coordination of Supports involve?

Coordination of Supports is all about connecting clients and their families with their community. This could be connecting them to NDIS support or mainstream support like education or housing support. An example of this would be if we’re supporting a child who’s blind, one connection we might make for them could be with an organisation like the Royal Society for the Blind.

In a way, our job is to make ourselves redundant by empowering clients to not need us anymore. We help build up their capacity until they’re self-sufficient. The Coordination of Supports team is often the first point of contact for clients and we can act as a go-between for the client and their therapist. We also offer crisis support such as connecting clients to housing support if they suddenly find themselves without somewhere to live.

How long have you been with Early Links?

I started with Early Links in 2018 and I’ve been a social worker since 2013. Before joining Early Links, I spent some time in the UK managing a multi-agency service in London which was a great experience. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love working with kids and seeing families grow. Our clients are often quite isolated from their community as they are not fully aware of the support that is available. I find it really rewarding to connect clients with the support they deserve and then see them develop support networks and friendships.

Is there anything about Coordination of Supports that you wish more people knew?

I wish more people knew that we can connect them with all different forms of support that can help them get the best possible outcome. All too often new Early Links clients aren’t aware that they are entitled to support that can make a real difference to them. 

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If you find the NDIS confusing, want to know what support you’re entitled to, or if you’d like advice on how to best utilise your NDIS plan, give us a call on 02 4934 3773 and ask for Vicki or Tracey.