Early Links Supporting Inclusion
Mitch in his new chair

Mitch suffered a serious spinal cord injury 9 years ago and he has been waiting ever since to get a chair that is suitable for him, so he can get out of bed at home.

Mitch recently received his new Phoenix chair and is thrilled with it. He is now able to get out of bed, interact with guests in an upright position and socialise with friends outside. Before hearing about the Phoenix chair, Mitch had only ever been offered standard nursing home chairs that didn’t provide adequate support and adjustment.

My new chair is like a king’s throne!

Mitch was keen to share his story, to help other people find out about the different types of chair that are available. He said that “My new chair is like a king’s throne! It’s so comfortable and far better quality than what I’ve been offered in the past. I can sit up at a 90-degree angle and I find it much easier to breathe”.

The chair is electric, has a seat belt, adjustable sides, backrests and arms. Mitch explained that “There is plenty of room under it so I can fit my computer table. It has a leg extension wedge to cushion and support my legs. The material is comfortable, breathable and spill-proof”.

“I can sit up and interact with my friends.”

Having his new chair has opened up a whole range of new options for Mitch. He said that “Now that I have my chair, I can access other rooms of my house and outside. I am looking forward to spending time on the verandah with my mates making fishing tackle. I also can’t wait for my next weekly boys’ night. Sitting in the chair instead of lying on my bed, frees up space in my bedroom and means I can sit up and interact with my friends like everyone else.”

Mitch’s mum Di said that “Mitch is no longer confined to his bed and now has the option to get out and stay out, as his chair is so well made. We are so grateful to Steph and Early Links for their help and support. Without them, none of this would have been possible”.

We are delighted that Mitch and Di are pleased with his new chair and excited as we look into other ways we can support them.