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Platinum Sponsor Whitehaven Coal

Child and parent posing for fun photo in front of big yellow bus
Melinda Heckrotte Grants & Sponsorship Officer

By Melinda Heckrotte

Grants & Sponsorship Officer


The Big Yellow Bus is a mobile playground and the star attraction at Early Links Playgroup. It also travels far and wide to see families where playgroups and therapy supports are not always readily accessible. The Big Yellow Bus has been so well-loved over the years and is now a step closer to getting a shiny new look so that it can continue to delight children for years to come. Early Links and our playgroup friends are excited by the support we have received from the community towards the refurbishment of the Big Yellow Bus.

Thank you to our Platinum Sponsor!

When we launched an appeal for community support to renovate the Big Yellow Bus, our new Platinum Sponsor, Whitehaven Coal, did not hesitate to become involved.

We want to extend a big thank you to Whitehaven Coal, a leading Australian producer of premium-quality coal, for coming aboard the Big Yellow Bus as Platinum Sponsor. With the majority of Whitehaven Coal’s workforce living in the local areas within which they operate, they have indeed shown their commitment to the community through their generous offer of support for the Big Yellow Bus.

Whitehaven Coal Platinum Sponsor

A Shiny New Look

Thanks to the support of our sponsors, the Big Yellow Bus will get an updated look with signage proudly displaying the Whitehaven Logo. In addition, new equipment and internal fit-out of the bus are also planned. The updates to the bus will ensure that children throughout the region will continue to have access to this popular mobile playground.

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available

The Big Yellow Bus appeal continues with Gold and Silver Sponsorship opportunities still available. If you would like to learn more about these sponsorship packages and how you can help us reach our fundraising goal, please get in touch with us at marketing@earlylinks.org.au. We’d love to hear from you!

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