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Roadmap to Recovery

Lesley Patton

By Lesley Patton

Chief Operating Officer


When we were in the middle of lockdown, returning to “normal” life seemed a world away. However, the State Government’s release of its Roadmap to Recovery, with its increasing freedoms, as the community hits its 70, 80 and then 90% vaccination milestones, has given us that light at the end of the tunnel. Coinciding as it does with Spring, the longer, warmer days and the start of Daylight Saving, everyone’s that little bit more energised. It’s interesting hearing people talk about what they’re most looking forward to when restrictions ease. For some, it’s a trip to the hairdresser, others a meal out, perhaps a non-essential shopping trip, but for most people, it is the opportunity to catch up with friends and family in person rather than online.

Working with you

At Early Links, we’re feeling energised too. We’re looking forward to coming back into the offices more regularly and seeing our workmates in person again. We’re super excited to be talking with our clients and their families about transitioning back to face-to-face supports. We recognise that each family’s circumstances will be different, so the conversations about support preferences will be different. Some families will have more vulnerable members or circumstances that mean they prefer to continue online supports for the time being. Others will be ready to resume face-to-face supports straight away. Our team will be talking with you about ways we can work together to keep everyone safe in these uncertain times.

COVID safe measures

Our Early Links COVID Safe plan is in place to help keep all staff, clients and families safe. We are following COVID safe measures like wearing masks, maintaining good hand hygiene and social distancing, and regularly cleaning down surfaces in our offices and fleet vehicles.

Cleaning hand with hand sanitiser near mask

Keeping you informed

We have recently seen Upper Hunter, Muswellbrook, Dungog and Singleton Local Government Areas (LGAs) come out of lockdown with little notice, and then Muswellbrook move back into a snap lockdown, again with little warning. We will need to be flexible in the coming weeks and months and adapt to the changes that come our way. The key to us doing this successfully will be our communication. We’ll keep posting updates on our Facebook page, so please follow us there to stay in touch. You can call, text or email your team members directly or call 02 4934 3773 and our friendly administration team will be happy to help you.

We’re all in this together

We’re all familiar with the popular cry that We’re All In This Together. Thank you for pivoting together with Early Links over the past months. We look forward to successfully transitioning together into our “new normal”.

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