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Early Links has a range of groups dedicated to helping our clients learn new skills, connect with their peers, and work on their goals in a safe and inclusive space. Now, we’re expanding this support to carers with our new group, Wellbeing Walkers. 

What is Wellbeing Walkers?

Wellbeing Walkers is a program designed to bring the community together to benefit parents and carers of children and adults with additional needs. The program is an inclusive space to walk and talk in a group, connecting with others experiencing barriers of loneliness, separation and isolation. The aim is to benefit the responsible carer’s wellbeing and build community resilience, fostering relationships in the Maitland and Muswellbrook communities.

Why is this needed?

For carers of people with additional needs, it is often the case that their own mental health and wellbeing are sidelined for them to fully support the individual they are caring for. The role of a carer can be very demanding and can sometimes lead to experiences of loneliness, separation, and isolation. Many carers experience the same feelings, and connecting with others who can relate to that shared experience is an important form of support.

Who will be facilitating the group?

Wellbeing Walkers will be facilitated by Helen and Aryn, two of our highly qualified psychologists, with the help of our psychology allied health assistants Jess and Chelsea. The team will be able to offer specialised support during the group sessions, answer any questions that group participants might have, and refer participants to other sources of support where needed.

When and where are the groups held?

Wellbeing Walkers will run weekly on Thursdays in Maitland staring 12 October and fortnightly on Tuesdays in Muswellbrook starting 17 October.

Join the Wellbeing Walkers group!

Wellbeing Walkers is free to participants, and you even get a free coffee! We’d love for you to come along and make some new connections.

You can find out more information about the group here. Get in touch below to express your interest in joining the group!

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