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What is wellbeing?

Matt Social Worker
Matt Social Worker

By Matt Richerdson

Social Worker


Wellbeing is a broad concept, but in its basic form, it is how good we feel, whether physically, socially, mentally, or spiritually. All aspects of our wellbeing are important and can influence and affect other areas. Things like stress, anxiety, isolation, illness, and physical injuries can knock our wellbeing around and make it quite difficult for us to get back up. Doing things to look after ourselves can strengthen and help our wellbeing. Taking time to remind ourselves that we’re doing the best we can right now or seeking support when needed can help us get back on our feet.

Why is our wellbeing important?

Our sense of wellbeing can support us to find enjoyment in our lives and the things we do, no matter how simple we think it is. Without it, things can build up and become quite overwhelming for us.

How is my wellbeing impacted?

Life can get incredibly stressful at times. Things can build up and become overwhelming and leave us feeling like there isn’t much, if anything, we can do. Maybe there’s stress at home with our families, pressure at our work, or we feel like we’re not where we should be. This happens to all of us, and during these periods, even though it is hard, it is important to do what we can to look after our wellbeing and ourselves.

Matt Social Worker

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What can I do to improve my wellbeing?

Doing activities that bring us enjoyment can help us to recharge. Reading a book, going for a walk, spending time with the people we care about, or sitting and reflecting on our achievements can help us push through the tough times. Sometimes, we need to reach out to others for help and support, which can be daunting and challenging. These feelings are okay, as is reaching out for help when needed, because our wellbeing is necessary, and we all deserve to feel okay. It’s also important to take time to do what we enjoy when we can, as these simple things can have very significant impacts.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about the support Matt and our Social Worker Team can provide on our Social Workers page or get in touch using the form below.

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