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Supporting Inclusion

Therapy, support and early intervention

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We empower people with additional needs by supporting inclusion.

As a registered charity & NDIS provider, our clients’ needs are always our priority.

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We offer a wide range of therapy services and support services that can be tailored to your needs. 


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Therapy Groups

We run a wide range of therapy groups catering to different ages and interests.

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Check out all the youth groups we have on offer. There’s something for everyone!

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Walking for our wellbeing

Walking for our wellbeing

Senior Leader Growing ConnectionsEarly Links has a range of groups dedicated to helping our clients learn new skills, connect with their peers, and work on their goals in a safe and inclusive space. Now, we're expanding this support to carers with our new group,...

The Early Links Youth Hub

The Early Links Youth Hub

Senior Leader Teens & AdultsEarly Links runs a number of youth groups at our offices and in the community. We have always wanted a dedicated venue for these groups so that our young people have their own space where they feel at home. I am excited to say that this...

Understanding intoeing in children

Understanding intoeing in children

Physiotherapy Senior LeaderIf you've ever been worried that your child is walking with their feet or legs turned inwards, what is often referred to as being "pigeon-toed", then you are not alone. Intoeing is a common concern among parents, and whilst it can be a...

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