Early Links Supporting Inclusion

Our Approach

Our approach to supporting you aligns with our vision, mission and philosophy.

Our Vision

Inclusive Communities

Our Mission

Support our community to become inclusive, through collaboration, education and service delivery excellence.

Our Philosophy

Inclusion is your right

We believe that inclusion in all aspects of community life is a fundamental right for all people, their families, and support networks. We all thrive in environments that recognise and cater for our individual strengths, learning styles and cultural context.

Our person-centred approach means that our team listen and plan with you and your family to set goals and work out a plan to support you to be included in your community now and in the future. We accept you for who you are and support you to live an authentic life by following your goals and aspirations.

A sense of belonging

We strive to build strong relationships within the community to facilitate a sense of belonging. We believe in supporting and empowering you and your family as advocates and decision-makers.

Our supports are provided in the environment that best suits you. Supporting you in your home, school, Early Childhood setting, playgroup, employment program, work setting, and community means that we can see the aspirations you have and how we can build on these strengths to support your needs. We aim to support the community with strategies for increasing participation, connection and inclusion. Our approach is around advocating for and supporting quality of life and well-being.

Best practice principles

We strive to provide the highest quality service through reflection of best practice principles, information sharing, collaboration, resourcing and training.

Our supports are based on current best practice guidelines, which include a holistic and collaborative approach to support. This includes supporting you to set your goals and high levels of communication between supports to ensure that we are all working towards you achieving your goals. Our aim is to help you build your capacity with knowledge, skill and abilities and as an advocate for yourself and your family. Best practice guidelines confirm that goal achievement is more attainable when we can build your capacity to make your own decisions, value and empower and respect your rights and needs, and deliver high-quality supports.

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